WaterScience CLEO Water Softener

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WaterScience CLEO Water Softener

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WaterScience CLEO Water Softener

WaterScience CLEO SFM-419 Multiflow Shower Head Filter for Hard Water Softening & Conditioning – High Hardness Cartridge for Borewell/Tanker Water

  • HARD & CHLORINATED WATER RUINING YOUR HAIR & SKIN? WaterScience Multiflow shower head filter purifies and conditions your water to reduce the effects of hardness and other impurities. Made with KDF technology which effectively removes chlorine, heavy metals & controls microorganisms. Your daily shower experience just got a whole lot cleaner!
  • 4 MODES TO CHOOSE FROM: Massage, Pulse, Waterfall and Mist. You can save upto 70% of the water you use for a shower, in the Mist Mode. Give yourself the water you deserve. Works on heater and geysers too, for hot water upto 60 Degrees. Recommended for borewell/tanker water with TDS levels upto 1800 PPM and total hardness upto 550 PPM
  • NO PLUMBER NEEDED: Can be used on standard taps, wall showers & hand showers. Use the installation kit to setup the shower head in no time. The replaceable cartridges (SFC-UW 100) comes with a long cartridge life of 25,000 liters or up to 6 months depending on usage and water quality. Use a low to medium flow rate for best results. Replacement cartridges are available on Amazon
  • BOX CONTENTS: 1 Shower Head Filter with Replaceable Cartridge Inside, 1 set of aerator adaptors with 22mm ,24mm and 28 mm connectors, 1 Installation Kit and Warranty Card
  • CERTIFICATIONS & MEMBERSHIPS: KDF Technology, Member of the Global Water Quality Association and Indian Water Quality Association, NSF Certified Ingredients and a maximum rating of 3 Star by the IAPMO
  • DOES NOT REDUCE TDS: CLEO water filters only reduce the effects of hard water, chlorine and other impurities. TDS or total dissolved solids cannot be removed by our water filters

8 reviews for WaterScience CLEO Water Softener

  1. sameer

    I relocated to new place in chennai. From the day one the problem started. Hairfall…Hairfall…. Hairfall oo Hairfall….Whenever we broom the house, we use to get dust pan full of hairs… Me my wife and my 2 kids of 8yrs old all are facing this problem. i though it will settle in a month r 2… but no…it was developing day by day…. Then i started researching for the solution… I did a water testing and found its a Hard water… TDS was 780 and hardness was 290…. So started looking for water softeners in the market. Starting from popular branded to un branded one… starting range was 12k and the water piping design of house is not feasible for those solutions… fwith no other options left for me finally i concluded with this Waterscience shower….. with 100% hesitation… i ordered this product .. Im on my 3rd week now. i was wowed with the results… it works awesome… hair fall has reduced noticeably… i recommend this to all who is having hair fall due to hard water. (NOTE: it may differ according to your water quality )

  2. Aditi Kaul

    Its been three and half months since I am using this filter and it has already reached to it’s 6 months mark… We are a standard family of three people and still the first cartridge is about to be over. Initially the water quality did felt better but after 60% level the water started to be hard again.
    The three modes does work perfectly great, just need to work on their ingredients so it gives smae results from start to end of the cartridge life.

  3. KN Jenamani

    This is of no use i have tested the normal tap water and the water from this shower, TDS is same for both the sample(i.e 485)
    Repeated the same test after 5 days use, still the same result.
    Build with plastic body, just looks like stainless steel.
    Not a value for money product.

  4. Mohd Naved Alam

    The media could not be loaded.

     The product is very well built and the build quality is very good.
    This product comes with tool kit, warranty card, manual, and pamphlet.
    The installation was very easy and I’ve also added the photos which will help many to get understand.
    Installation was done by me I’ve just follow the instruction manual.
    The 4 modes im the shower is very good. They are working perfectly fine (In my Case).
    The price could be little less but I’m ok with it.
    Can’t say about whether it actually works or not cos I’ve just started using it. In the initial stage I just loved it.
    This product only makes the particles small this is more over a shredder than filter because it just reduces the particles does not filter them.
    Press ‘Helpful’ if it finds you helpful it keeps me motivated.

  5. pranav

    this product does nothing at all. just a fancy shower head. I mapped the tds of water and it’s same as it is. no change.

    any kind of filtration even if very minor will always change tds of water and reduce it. but this does nothing at all.

    i am surely returning it for full refund.

  6. Kapil

    There was night and day difference in quality of water which was hard in my house. Showers feel luxurious now. Plus, the water saving mist mode is really effective, and amount of water used has decreased quite a bit as I feel hot water from geezer lasts longer.

    Installation was easy, but they didn’t give any tool to use as a pipe wrench! My existing showerhead wouldn’t come off at all as it was very tightly screwed on the shower arm. I had to buy a pipe wrench separately and then I could remove existing showerhead and install new one. Also, the spanner they provided wasn’t of any use as even for tightening this showerhead it wasn’t working, so I had to do it with the pipe wrench.

    Service was really good though. I lost the washer that goes in between the showerhead and it’s swivel ball joint, and they gave me one extra for free, although I had to pay for shipping.

  7. Kindle User

    Easy to install. Had to buy a new pipe to fit the shower head. Too early to say if it works but the overall quality of the product is awesome.

    Edit after 3 months usage: (Rating down from 5 to 1 star)
    – The TDS level does not go down as promised and the hairfall is the same (or rather increased a bit).
    – Not sure what the product does as i do not see any visible difference.

    Avoid if you ask me.

  8. Pragya Mishra

    This shower filter is better than others available because-
    1] the filter comes with a new shower fitting unlike other filters, which makes it look premium.
    2] the filter even works with very hard water like in bengaluru, my water hardness is 900 TDS. The filter claims to reduce the effect of upto 500 TDS; now I cannot testify that but definetly can testify on the quality improvement of the water.
    3] the shower filter has 3 different modes and it comes with all the kind of attachments and tools required to properly install it yourself if you have a standard shower fitting.
    4] Packaging was super awesome.

    I am extremely excited to take a shower everyday. Thanks to CLEO and AMAZON!

    writing this after 2 months of use- the water flow is just amazing and I am going buy one more for my other washroom.

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