KENT Washing Machine Water Softener

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KENT Washing Machine Water Softener

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KENT Washing Machine Water Softener

KENT Washing Machine Water Softener 1.8-Litre, Converts Hard Water into Soft and Increases Life of Machine | Free Installation

  • Converts hard water to soft water that prevents scaling on your washing machine and increases the life of your washing machine.
  • Soft Water produces more lather with less detergent and water consumption.
  • Soft Water enhances the whiteness and lusture of your clothes.
  • Easy 4-step regeneration process does not require any technician or special salts
  • Does not require any electric connections or pressurized water for operation
  • 1.8L resin for longer life and efficient ion-exchange process doesn’t require frequent recharge
  • It is compatible with all washing machines, and is easy to install and operate
  • Compact Design lets you place the softener even in small spaces
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty
  • Includes: Water Softener, 2.5 Meters Plastic White Pipe (1/4 inch for drain), 2 3-Way Valve, 4 Screw, Plastic Inserts, Inlet Pipe (1/2 inch), Outlet Pipe (1/2 inch), Center Drill Sticker and User Guide

8 reviews for KENT Washing Machine Water Softener

  1. Shan

    The product quality and service quality of Kent water softener deserves no star at all. Do not buy and save your money. The technology used decades old and Kent is not reinventing the wheel. Yet, the product design and material quality is absurd. For example,
    * all the joints and plumbing items supplied are made of subpar quality plastics.
    * the brine chamber doesn’t fit well
    * there was a missing hex screw that connects the resin bed to the plumbings

    And for the money they charge all of these are substandard. I prepared to ignore all these quality issues but then starts the real trouble- their absolutely primitive support network.

    Where do I start, you have to jump through hoops to get your product registered. Mine is still unregistered.

    The worst part – the resin membrane has broke within 30 days and the resin beads are leaking through all outlets blocking water entry to washing machine. Water softening has reduced. I placed a service call – the agency it was assigned to does it have a qualified technician and they cancelled the request. Now, I have to escalate and wait painfully until this gets resolved.

  2. Anupam

    Lack of knowledge-Kent representative doesn’t have product knowledge….they not even installed properly

  3. Ashok B.

    I did a BIG MISTAKE of buying KENT.

    I have been using Kent Water Softener and it required servicing.
    The service engineer came and fitted/wall mounted in a manner that after one hour of his leaving the WS fell from the installed position and broke.

    I ordered another one as anew piece. The WS got delivered I think on 27th November. I had to wait 11 to 12 days for the Service engineer to come and install. Again the service engineer did half hearted job and after sometime my whole kitchen was water logged. Again we call him to repair and once again the leakage has happened.

    We are very feed-up with this irresponsible service level of service which is more of a pain.

    We don’t know when will we get rid of it ?

  4. Sujata

    We bought this on May 1st 2021. It took exactly 14 days for the field mechanic to arrive at our house (Bangalore) for installation. 14th May he came to our house. Name was PINTU. He stood in front of the machine for exactly 5 minutes, and then left saying he will return with certain parts. He took the OTP code, and “closed” the service request without attending to it. After that, we have repeatedly called KENT and raised service requests on their phone App, they kept promising they will send their man to install it, but NEVER HAPPENED. Today is 11th June. The KENT machine is standing in one corner, happily sitting without doing any work, exactly like the unscruplous KENT & it’s Bangalore based mechanics. Do NOT BUY KENT. Ever. – Anupam

  5. Rajesh Kumar Stalin

    I raised many complaints to team, based on readings from my TDS meter
    FYI, TDS METER doesn’t measure the actual salt content, it measures only the only the electrical conductivity of water, more the dissolved salts higher the TDS
    at first the TDS of filter water was way more than regular tap water
    TDS of regular tap water was 352
    TDS of softened water was 612
    i was shocked by the results at first, thought i was cheated by kent, did regeneration process 3 times, but similar result, then i thought of returning the product, before that, i thought of boiling the water from water softener so that i can prove the results from TDS meter, due to the more TDS levels, there will be more salt deposition, but i saw less salts deposits in filtered water than regular water
    chemistry part
    water softener works by ion exchange process, magnesium and calcium in hardwater with sodium chloride in regenerative solution, the output is in actual SOFT WATER, but the TDS value in high cause NaCL, is more conductive than Ca and Mg Ions, hence higher TDS value, so dont go with the TDS value to determine the actual TDS of water

  6. Amazon Customer

    First of all the machine was installed incorrectly but since this was new machine it dint need regeneration. After a month when I wanted to start regeneration process then I came to know that it was fixed wrongly and water is coming from the softener instead of drain pipe. Have to Wait for one to two weeks for the service person arrival. This time he fixed correctly and unfortunately when started to use the resin from the machine is leaking and blocked the dishwasher from taking water. I removed the inlet pipe from the dishwasher and to my surprise the resin blocked the inlet valve of the dishwasher.


    After delivered , we have been following Kent authorized dealer for installation continuously, it’s surprisingly most irresponsible service by KENT agent . Planning to return the product if no one seems responding.

  8. Tapan

    Excellent premium product and very prompt service for installation- working fine!

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