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KENT Gold Star Water Purifier

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KENT Gold Star Water Purifier

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KENT Gold Star Water Purifier

KENT Gold Star 22-litres Gravity-Based Water Purifier

  • Color: Gold; Avoid exposure to direct sunlight as overheating can damage the purifier’s plastic body
  • Inovative design suitable for wall mounting installation
  • Non-electric and chemical free purification
  • Gravity based UF water purifier only suitable for low TDS water
  • Water storage capacity of 22 litres
  • Food grade and non-breakable plastic construction
  • included components: Water purifier and User manual
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • For any service related issues, please contact Kent service/Installation No. 9278912345
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Inovative design suitable for wall mounting installation
  • Non-electric and chemical free purification
  • Gravity based UF water purifier only suitable for low TDS water
  • Water storage capacity of 22 litres
  • Food grade and non-breakable plastic construction



8 reviews for KENT Gold Star Water Purifier

  1. Sonam Yangjor

    After using this for a month
    1. UF membrane needs cleaning every two days. Otherwise water does not drip down.
    2. Twice had to loosen the filter’s lids (above and below charcoal) otherwise water would not go down from here due to some problems.
    3. Speed of filtering is very low so for 3 people in our house need to refill at least 3 times.
    4. Package arrived with two broken pieces. Do not know where these attach to.
    5. Flavour of water is fine and on testing the filtered water it is potable.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Flavor : won’t change flavor of water. If the water is of sweet taste, it will taste good. But that’s good, as RO takes away all the flavor, and leaves mineral less water.

    Purification power : I bought UF after watching fittuber video, as I receive municipality water, and it doesn’t have much TDS. So, I knew I just need purifier to remove big impurities and dust particles from water, which KENT GOLD does effectively.
    Why I gave one rating : It is too slow. And not just the bottom UF filter. But top filter too. In fact top filter(first filter + carbon filter) is my main problem. Water goes very slowly from the initial filters into the top container. And so, I can pour only 500 mL water once. Then I have to wait for 3 minutes (if top filter is clean), or 15 minutes (if top filter is not cleaned) to pour the next amount of water. I can’t pour 5L water in one go. Moreover, the top filter need to be cleaned every 2 days, else that 500mL water will take one hour to reach in the top container (above the UF filter).
    Either the dealer has given me old filters, or KENT company has made really rubbish product.

  3. Raz

    The product is found as I expected. I wish it will be good in service also.
    But, you have to bring precision during quality check, as I found a breakage in supportive attachment fitted at back side of unit.

  4. Amazon Customer

    The stuff show good performance in the beginning but after month it started showing its true colours. its filtering got slowed and even after maintaining continue to give lethargic performance.

  5. Sanjaya Kumar Pala

    After installation, the water is tasteless for long 12 or 15 replacements… In the manual they say, have to throw 1/2 times which is wrong.
    After 15 replacements the water tastes little good.
    False commitment

  6. Deepak Verma

    As it’s purification, it works fine as purifier. However, the issue is with the water capacity, it has 14 ltrs capacity in bottom tank and 8 ltrs of capacity in upper tank, but in actual water will stop going down as soon the water level in lower tank touches the membrane. Same hsppens with upper tank, you can only fill the water untill water level in upper tank touches the carbon filter. This creates a lot of problem in pouring water over and again.

    I would personally suggest, buy the kit of this purifier and fix it in your own plastic containers. Because this product is not price worthy.

  7. TD

    Need to keep cleaning the filter. Almost daily or the water stops getting filtered. Not very user friendly product.

  8. Chandral

    – The water we get from the municipality would show white cotton like residue after I would keep it in the refrigerator for a while. This purifier does remove it and the water stays crystal clean.

    – Requires clean up every few months
    – Can take a while to purify so not ideal for a family with more than 3 people. You will have to keep refilling often.
    – Wish it had a 3rd tank on top where I could just dump unpurified water as it is because the current design needs you to pour water through the first filter directly so it is a bit of slow process waiting for the water to drain through the filter of the upper tank.

    Side Note:
    – Drain the first couple of rounds of filtered water as it will be black due to the first use of carbon granules in the carbon filter.
    – TDS doesn’t show any significant change. It was 120 before the filter and 100-110 after filteration.
    – Taste does change a tad bit bitter.

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