KENT Bathroom Water Softener

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KENT Bathroom Water Softener

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KENT Bathroom Water Softener

KENT Bathroom Water Softener 5.5-Litre, Converts Hard Water into Soft for Healthier Skin & Hair | Increases the life of Geyser | Free Installation |

  • Converts hard water to soft water that prevents sticky hair after washing & hair loss, prevents dry & itchy skin after bathing and makes your skin glow
  • Prevents scaling and corrosion on your bathroom fittings and appliances
  • Soft water produces more lather, and reduces soap and water consumption
  • Easy 2-step regeneration process does not require any technician or special salts
  • Does not require any electric connections or pressurized water for operation
  • It is easy to install and operate
  • Compact design lets you place the softener even in small spaces
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty. Terms & Conditions apply
  • Includes: Water Softener, 2.5 Meters Plastic White Pipe (1/4 inch for drain), 2 3-Way Valve, 4 Screw, Plastic Inserts, Inlet Pipe (1/2 inch), Outlet Pipe (1/2 inch), Center Drill Sticker and User Guide

8 reviews for KENT Bathroom Water Softener

  1. vijay kumar

    You need to know when to regenerate to get soft water constantly. Very easy to use and installation is provided by the brand so don’t have to worry.

  2. Vinayak korgaonkar

    You need to regenerate the softener with 500 Kg of salt.

    Water remains soft only for 2 or 3 days. We are three persons at home. So for three persons also water remains soft for only 3 days. After that, you need to regenerate a water softener.

    I will say that if you are a big family say 5 or more you will need to regenerate the softener after every two days.

    Note – This depends on your water hardness and usage.

    I am using this for the past 15 days, and I will rate this product as three stars.

    Reason – You need to regenerate as per usage. And after 8 days of usage and regeneration, the softener does not work as you expect or shown in ads.

    Note – When a product is new, say only 8 days usage, you can get good results. After that, the water softener does not work as you expect.

    Product cost is high, it should be between 7 to 10 K,

  3. ME2Mishra

    The media could not be loaded.

     1)Newly bought this product, after 2 weeks of installation my bathroom water supply tape and geyser were blocked. The water stopped coming.

    2) After facing this issue. I have raised the concern to Kent service immediately. A representative visited the site and told us there is a manufacturing fault in the product. Due to this resin from the softener went into the pipeline and geyser.He suggested returning this product

    3) Then I contacted Amazon to return this product, but it was denied as 1 day was passed after the last date of return. They told Kent will provide service in the warranty period.

    4)Service engineer visited 2nd time site to repair this product .but he failed to open the softener and check the issue

    5) In 3rd visit, 3 service persons were not able to open the same. Poor design of the product.

    6) I am doing multiple follow up with Kent, the problem still persists.

    7) If anyone is planning to purchase this product just go through the video and shared images

    I won’t recommend this product to anyone. Giving zero stars. New and costly products (around12000 rupees) from a well-known brand did not meet expectations. Because of this my geyser and pipeline got damaged. It incurred more financial loss.

  4. Dr Srinivas babu

    Totally dissatisfied with the product, got a faulty piece, total waste of money

  5. George Philip

    Buy this product .Dont hesitate. It is better than buying the more expensive electric operated softeners. The only trouble maybe putting the salt in the chamber every 10 days to regenerate.

    Please be cautious getting installation done by Kent franchisee.
    The personnel they send are uneducated idiots who will dirty the place , break the false ceiling and have no clue of the products functioning.
    If u call Kent support , specificall tell them to not send Kent franchisee folks and ask for their direct support and installation staff or call urbanclap and get a professional to do ur work.
    But make sure of registering the product for warranty.
    The membrane which softens need replacement on an average of 2 years and costs around Rs.2000 to Rs.3000.
    It would be a good idea to add a shower water softener from Cleo or AUUR Fuze Shower & Tap Filter. Or add both.
    It helps in conditioning the water further giving added pleasant experience while bathing.

  6. Khadar Mohammed

    I have hard water problem at my home with TDS level 2000 PPM. This water softner produce only 200 ltr soft water with each regeneration cycle which means each time after 200 ltr soft water, we need to put salt and execute the regeneration process. Otherwise hard water won’t get converted to soft water. This is not useful.

  7. Vinod Nair

    Kent is not interested in installation. I have had 3 service request cancelled. Technicians only work 10-5 and do not know how to install.

    Am actually stuck with this product. Better buy a similar product from a local shop who will install it the same day.

  8. Gurpreet Kalra

    Kent technician Arrives for Installation, He asked I need pre-filter of Rs 1500, I told him i will get online… looks expensive
    Then He Found the Product is Defective & water leakeging from O-ring
    I asked-him, before packaging remove water from Softener cartridge
    He pack the piece with full of water in the Box & pack …
    After A DAY I REALISE, BOX IS FULL Wet, Stinking & so the floor of the room

    Hope Kent Train their technician well in attitude & know how…
    The Worst technician I ever met

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