Eco Crystal Fresh N Clean Water Softener

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Eco Crystal Fresh N Clean Water Softener

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Eco Crystal Fresh N Clean Water Softener

Eco Crystal Fresh N Clean CPR Physical Water Softener with Hose Pipe

  • Detergent will be used Effectively, saves the Detergent
  • Makes the water physically soft
  • Increases the life and Efficiency of the Washing Machine
  • Scale Free Container and heating coil
  • Water is heated quicker and reduces Electricity consumption

8 reviews for Eco Crystal Fresh N Clean Water Softener

  1. The researcher

    Device stopped working within a week. Brand tested the device and confirmed that it wasn’t working. And denied free replacement of cartridge citing that it requires a confirmation by the delay. Amazon invoice be damned. Seller – Karni, is incommunicado but continues to do business. Amazon has washed their hands off of the entire situation stating that if the seller does not reply.

  2. Suryamohan Surampudi

    Good filter. Softening is not bad. Solid body. No instructions on changing Resin filter candle. Product is sold without detailed information.

    Biggest disadvantage is that it comes with 3/4th inch threaded inlet and outlets. This is not standard bathroom pipes. Home piping is generally 1/2 inch. You have to get totally 4 connectors that reduce from 3/4 female to 1/2 male.

    Suggestion to Eco Crystal manufacturer: please supply reducers along with product.

  3. LN

    used CPR for Dish Washer and Washing Machine (combined inlet). It gives filtered & slightly reduced hardness (in water). Machine performance somewhat increased. But, connections need plumbing work. However, a bit confused between CP & CPR models. everything looks same, except for the filter – that too, when checked for refills, it seems there is no difference (anywhere – online).

  4. Latesh

    Done work properly for initial 15 days after that same issue started of eachy skin and hair fall started. Also scalling started
    TDS is 1200

  5. SamoSamo

    Please provide 3/4″ to 1/2″ reducer as we are in India. Without it, finding one in local market ( I am in Pune, PCMC) is a hell. After 4 daysy plumber is also not able to find one.

    Else the product looks Great and sturdy.
    But without full kit, it will be useless to roam around from hardware shop to shop

  6. Neil

    Everything was fine till one fine day i saw water dripping from it. its body had developed crack in the middle, and water started seeping out of it. Lasted 6 Months only.

  7. Paramesh

    They took longer time to deliver, seems manufactured upon order received. Order this product only if you can wait for 10 days.

    Product quality is good, but bit difficult to install.

  8. vikram

    Good quality product, but its not made in India only labeled.
    Easy to install

    For geyser very difficult to find adaptors, it took half day to find after searching so many shops.
    Water leakage if you are new to fitting, lot of tape is required
    Some air gap i am seeing.

    Final Verdict – Definitely you can buy and try this product.

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