D’Cal Hard water softener For Complete House

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D’Cal Hard water softener For Complete House

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D’Cal Hard water softener For Complete House

D’Cal Hard water softener For Complete House – for Borewell/Tubewell/Tanker Water | Reduces Harmful Effects of Hard Water on your Geysers, Heaters

  • India’s Best Hard water Softener ,Just Drop it in Your Hard water Tank ,No Maintenance, No Electricity required, No Plumbing Required
  • D’Cal is designed for an overhead tank capacity of 1500 litter .it is not designed for using or testing in a bucket of water .
  • We recommend you to do the “simple performance Test” and you can see the difference in your water yourself
  • The looks of the House also deteriorate. Appliances using Bore water like Geyser, Washing Machine, etc also deteriorate because of internal damage and corrosion thus reducing their life.
  • This also prevents corrosion of your house Piping System. All this can be eliminated by using our Revolutionary Hard Water Conditioner. The Product media is Odourless, Tasteless and PH neutral.

5 reviews for D’Cal Hard water softener For Complete House

  1. Suvendu

    Initially I found it is ineffective and given one star. However the seller called me and found my tank is too big. To demonstrate, he provided another unit free of charge . After installation of both, I am very happy. In addition they provided me a Tile and Tap cleaner to remove pre-existing scales and deposits to realize effect of treated water . Great support. I strongly recommend this product

  2. AK

    Update 3: The company was caring enough to call and provide a free of cost replacement. Yet the replacement lasted for a month.

    Then, the MD – Mr. Uday did give a call, explained in detail and has refunded back the amount even after two uses of the product.

    He explained why the product might not have worked.

    # 1 – The product works very well on the water that is actually hard. And not on mild hard water or soft water.

    #2 – If the water is acidic and not alkaline, it is likely to eat away the Dcal softener faster than ever.

    #3 – Chlorine and magnesium content in the water plays a vital role on the life of the Dcal Softener.

    In all, you never know what kind of bore well water type you have, if you’re facing scaling issues, then do get this product and give it a try. If for any said reason as above if this doesn’t work, the company stands guarantee to provide a replacement or even refund your money if the replacement doesn’t work.

    My conclusion: This product actually works and softens the water it’s just not durable for my type of water.

    Previous Update 2: In just 40 days, it was done!

    Yeah. Though it works, it doesn’t last more. Imagine how much money you’ll invest to last this for a whole year. Better to buy electronic softener worth 40,000+. My ratings changed from 5 star to 1 star as it’s not value for money.

    Previous Update 1:

    Well, Just Installed today morning and by evening I can see the difference.

    Look at the photos of After & Before Installing this.

    I am stunned!

    Go ahead and give it a try.

    The only equation now is to see how long does it keep working.

  3. J J

    Well water. Tank capacity: 750 litres. Filled every two days. TDS: 150-170. Not too high. But still enough to cause scaling issues in the bathroom and washbasins. As We boil the water for drinking, a visible layer would get deposited at the bottom of the vessel every time which was difficult to scratch off.

    Why did I pick this water softener?
    After doing extensive research on the internet and inquiring locally I found out that for whole house water softening needs, a resin and salt based filtration system was needed which would cost around 30-50k to setup. That’s when I came across this. The reviews looked promising. And it was claimed to last a year. I thought of giving it a try as I estimated, given the cost of 2.7k, this would last atleast 6 months, as my TDS level was low. As the actual chemicals used in the product are not mentioned anywhere and claimed to be “patent pending”, I did a quick search on the web and ascertained these to be some natural or artificial zeolites like Sodium Aluminosilicates that have water softening capabilities. These bind with the calcium and magensium ions and precipitate which makes them lose their adhesive nature to objects like tiles or accessories.

    What went wrong?
    I have a 750 litre water tank that’s filled to the top every 2-3 days. Before dropping this in to water I weighed its dry weight. It was 681 gms. (See images) After dipping in water, the weight went up to 772 gms. Dropped in the tank that was already full. After 4 days I pull it out and weighed again. 675 gms. Hmmm…. And there was only a one time tank refill in between. For approximately 1500 litres and 150 TDS, it used around 97 gms of the media inside. Not considering the weight of the plastic casing, this whole stuff inside would get used up in 10000 litres approx. Or in about 25 days considering my tank refill frequency of every alternate day. True to that estimates it got used up in not 25 days but even less. I noticed the scaling issues and messy hair after bath coming back. When checked, saw it floating on the top. It means, the media is exhausted.

    Did it work?
    It did work while it lasted. The scaling came down, and the water felt smooth on the hair. Soap scums also had reduced. While boiling the calcium and magensium ions would precipitate and turn the water milky white (see images). Later when cooled, they would precipitate as a bottom layer of crystals. (see images). Earlier it would stick to the sides of the vessel as scales which had to be scratched off.

    Do I recommend this? ( !! Imp: Please read my update below)
    From my experience , 2.7k was a high price to pay. They have quoted saying the actual price is around 4k and they are selling it at a discount in amazon. Given my scenario of only 150 TDS and 750 ltr tank, even if it lasted 6 months, I would have given it 5 stars. But it didn’t. If you have higher TDS or a higher capacity tank, then beware, this may not last the claimed 10-12 month at all. I lost my money.

    Added images substantiating my claim. Please see for yourself and decide.

    Update: 18th Dec, 2019

    Looks like this review blew up and bubbled to the top reviews of this product and attracted much negative publicity.
    The manufacturer was trying to contact me since last six months for a refund and to know what exactly happened. I hadn’t got time to look back in to this review and left it as it is. I had painstakingly recorded all the parameters to add to the review that you see above.

    I was contacted by Uday from D’Cal team and he was kind enough to explain in detail what could have gone wrong with my product. Apparently, as my TDS was much lower (150) than what is typically seen (above 500) the water could have turned mildly acidic after all the calcium/magnesium ions were neutralized and this acidic water might have eaten away in to the D’Cal media inside. I need to do a detailed lab water testing to ascertain the exact chemical composition of my well water.

    I could see many verified positive reviews later for this product where it is seen working for much higher TDS levels and for a much longer time period. Mine could be a corner case.
    Kudos to the D’Cal team for getting in touch with me and offering me full refund. I didn’t request nor needed a refund as I had bought it more than six months ago and had forgot about it. Appreciate the effort in keeping up with the customer experience. I was in no way compelled to update my review. I’m upping my rating solely for all the positive reviews that this product garnered and for the excellent product support from D’Cal/Befach.

  4. b h.

    I bought it after reading good reviews in Amazon and with high hope. Product reached nicely packed and same day I put it in my overhead tank. As described by the other reviewers, it settled at the bottom of my thank. After about 2 weeks, I just went to my rooftop and checked the tank. I found that the item is floating on the water surface, not lying on the bottom. When I read other reviews, it said that the item will float if it is not working. So a product bought at 2.7k which is supposed to be effective for atleast one year, became defective in two weeks time. Really I didn’t expect such result from such a reputed product. Really sorry for my purchase. Don’t know whether it’s one odd case and I am the unlucky one.

  5. Samiran Mukherjee

    First thing first, it does not remove hardness, but it surely removes problems related to hard water. I received the device on 23 Sep 18. After one hour I tested the water with a hardness testing kit purchased from amazon. I found the hardness of water is not changed. The product also claims that it does not remove hardness. Since deployment till today I observed, that the water has become clear. Now the bathrooms are not getting stained. Hair no more feel sticky. The best part is it does not need any changes with your existing setup. Just put inside tank and forget.
    Some times, one might find that the product is floating in water. Look at the image I attached. If the device is tilted inside the water the trapped air is removed and it will go down in water. The product will start floating when the inside white media is consumed indicating a need for replacement. The customer care of the product is also very supportive. My suggestion, use it once and you will love it.

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